Packer’s Pro Shop

I was the creative director for the Green Bay Packer's Pro Shop Redesign from wireframes to styleguide to launch.

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A Physical and Digital Store

The Pro Shop is a physical location and part of the Packer’s experience. We wanted to capture that experience online as well.

Wireframes to Styleguide

My primary goal was to design a site that took what Magento does out of the box and design the features that it doesn’t do natively so that it feels seamless. On the creative side we wanted the site to feel less “extreme” than other NFL sites, we wanted to dial down the intensity so that it appealed to a wider audience. We wanted the templates to be flexible enough where we could swap out a photo of some big mean football players and show a nice tasteful Packers themed kitchen or a family picnic.

"Brad does an excellent job of infusing his own creative signature into projects while paying careful attention to the needs of his client."

Will Merydith - Sr. Program Manager, Microsoft

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